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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Pondering . . .

Why is it that when you're a stay-at-home parent who also writes with the hopes of someday being published, you always manage to find things that must be done before you may sit down and try to write?

At least, that's what happens to me.

Today, it was sleep. I slept the morning away. Then I had to run errands. Now I'm sitting in my desk chair, reading my backed-up Publishers Lunch e-mails and thinking, "I should write. I really should."

That thought is closely followed by, "I should crit. I really should."

And let's not forget the ever-present, "I should research publishers and agents. I really should."

There's always something that must be done. I would wish for more hours in the day -- or more days in the week -- but the effort would be futile. Not because that wish could never come true (although it couldn't), but because if it ever did come true, it still wouldn't be enough time.

It would never be enough time.

I suppose this is why so many authors say you should have a schedule. A set time, or amount of time, that you guarantee yourself to sit down and write.

Maybe I could try that:

7:30am Take son to school
8:15am Arrive home and do dishes
8:30am Vacuum living room and make beds
9:00am Separate and start laundry
9:30am Plant my butt at the computer and write

The big question, though, is would I actually follow the schedule?


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