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Sunday, November 21, 2004


I'm sitting on my couch, Rocky in my lap, on the verge of pulling every hair from my head.

Right now, I'm editing the stuff I wrote during the last BIAW I participated in, and one particular scene is driving me absolutely batty and has me growling in frustration.

The scene takes place in a bar, and is based upon a real-life experience one of my CPs and I had when we were unlucky enough to see the worst band in the world. It's a pretty pivotal scene in the story -- both the hero and heroine realize their love for each other, and admit it to themselves, but not to each other. Falling in love wasn't part of their plan.

All the elements of the scene are there. I've been referring to notes I took during the actual experience (Yes, I actually got up from my chair, ran out to my truck to get my notebook, brought it back into the bar and took notes on this horrendous night. I had to. In this case, truth really was stranger than fiction, and we knew nobody would ever believe us.) and keeping in mind where I want the scene to go. I haven't written the scene all the way to the end yet, and I suppose that could be part of the problem. I don't know. What I do know is the scene feels flat, and it's just not coming off as wildly as the actual experience was.

I've got my headphones on to shut out external distractions, and maybe that's the problem. The music I'm listening to is too good. But I don't think I own any really bad music. I could go back to Miserable Melodies and listen to the kazoo band playing "Whole Lotta Love" again. That might do it.


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