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Monday, January 03, 2005

BLANK Rhythm or Rhythm BLANK? AAARGH!

So I'm doing Around a Book in 180 Days through the From the Heart RWA Chapter. The idea is to help with . . . ah, crap. Here's an excerpt from the e-mail that went around advertising the program:

Have problems with Opening Hooks, Sagging Middles, weak Conflict, or tying up lose ends? What about just getting motivated to start that book?

Join us for 180 days of guidance, help, advice, suggestions, and lots of support and camaraderie. Learn how to plot and follow a simple outline without stifling your creativity, beef up your Hero, or develop your kick-ass Heroine. We will discuss the difference between a complex plot and a convoluted one, and how to clarify problems, how to stay on track using Christopher Vogler's Hero's Journey as a guide, and the importance of a strong Goal, Motivation, and Conflict (GMC). Around A Book In 180 Days will also have monthly Achievement Awards to be announced on the Plotting Therapy list.

I've decided to use Jackson's as yet untitled story for this one. And of course, the first e-mail on AABi180 went out yesterday, and one of the first things they want us to do is decide on a title or working title for our story. Fine. I filled in my line on the database with "Jackson's Story (working title)" and I gotta tell ya, it pales when compared to the awesome titles everybody else has filled in.

I'm a title idiot!

So now I'm trying to find a title. I want it two words, to continue in the IRRESISTIBLE HARMONY tradition, which of course, is the book Jackson first appeared in. I want to use the word rhythm in the title because Jackson's a drummer. But I'm stuck on the other word.

Looks like I'll be haunting the online thesaurus for a while.


  • I can SO relate to the title idiot thing! My titles SUCK! Good luck! *g*

    By Blogger Larissa, at 5:41 PM  

  • Thanks, Larissa. I know that I go nuts until I happen upon the perfect title. (Picture me with my eyes spinning in opposite directions.)

    By Blogger Lynn, at 9:48 PM  

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