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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Sky is Falling!

At least, that's what it seemed like yesterday around here.

Talk about the day from Hades! First, the power was out when I got up. Apparently, there was a bad car accident down the street, and they took out a telephone pole. About the time the power came back, my weather radio started going off with severe thunderstorm warnings. It must have gone off eight times throughout the day. Then the storms started. Big boomers that shook the house down to the foundations. And did I mention the hail? At least the kids thought it was cool to watch ice fall from the sky.

And, of course, as must always happen during big storms, we lost Internet access. We didn't lose satellite, which was a miracle in itself, but DSL was gone gone gone. And by the end of the day I was jonesin' jonesin' jonesin'.

The good news about that is along with DSL, I also lost my main form of procrastination. I was forced to actually write! *gasp* And since I joined FTH's BIAW again, I really needed that kick in the butt. Twelve pages written yesterday on SR. I have to admit, I was quite proud of myself.

Still be-bopping along with Jess Michaels' Great Agent Search Workshop through Earthly Charms. I'm learning some great stuff over there. If you have the opportunity to take this one, I highly recommend it.

Anyway, she had us submit agent query letters for comments. I made a couple tweaks to mine, sent it in, then hid in the corner while chewing my nails down to the cuticles. I'm always so nervous when I post anything for comments! But her comments came back this morning, and she gave me a Great job!

*insert happy butt wiggle here*

That good news puts me one step closer to finally submitting IH, which should make my CPs ecstatic. It'll also make my husband happy, since lately, he's been stepping up asking when I'm going to sell a book. And by stepping up, I mean he's actually started asking when I'm going to sell a book.

He says he's asking because he knows it's my dream. I think he just wants something to brag about. *g* I'm kidding. He's actually very supportive, and barely balked at all when I told him he wouldn't be reading what I wrote.

Ain't I sweet?


MOOD: Feeling pretty darn good after Jess's comments on my query
PROGRESS: 12 pages on SR. WOO HOO! Can I keep it up?


  • I love thunder storms. Especially in the summer when I can be outside watching them. Not thanks on the hail though.

    I can't believe you didn't lose the satellite. You must have a good set up.

    Good job on the writing. I especially like when you write about "the happy butt wiggles". Oh, that's not part of your book(s), is it? I still like it. ;)

    By Blogger Yankeebob, at 12:26 PM  

  • I generally enjoy watching a good thunderstorm from my front porch, but this one was so violent it was safer to cower in the corner.

    *happy butt wiggles* is actually my twisted version of the classic happy dance. It started last spring, when I broke my ankle. Couldn't very well dance with a broken ankle, hence, the birth of the butt wiggle. And it just stuck.

    Glad you like it.

    By Blogger Lynn, at 7:01 PM  

  • Congrats on writing 12 pages, Lynn! But if they keep kicking yer butts, won't be able to wiggle it. *lol* I'm thinking about taking the "Tarot For Writers" with Stephanie Lynch. She is in FTHRW (special group of RWA). I signed up for "Plotting for Un-Dummies" and "Psychology of Characters" offered by FTHRW. I've become a workshop slut!

    By Blogger Silma, at 9:16 AM  

  • Thanks for the congrats! And regardless of the kicking, I'll still be able to butt wiggle. It might be a bit lethargic, but it'd still move. *G*

    I'm a member of FTHRW too, and I took Stephanie's Tarot workshop when she offered it through the chapter. Loved it! The cards really opened my eyes about some things with my characters. Matter of fact, I did up some Excel worksheets to use with the spreads she taught. If you're interested, I can forward them to you.

    By Blogger Lynn, at 10:21 AM  

  • FTHRW has another Yahoogroup, Inner Journeys, about using the tarot and astrology for plotting and characterization. I was in there for a while but not much happened so I left. What cards did you use? Yeah, sent me the Excel spreadsheets. Thanks!

    By Blogger Silma, at 12:28 PM  

  • These workshops sound great. I can tell I'm going to have to go sign up. They're offered through FTH right?

    By Blogger Teresa, at 12:57 PM  

  • Silma - I hadn't heard about that group. Too bad it was so quiet--I think the Tarot is fascinating, and until Stephanie's workshop, it hadn't occurred to me to use it in my writing.

    I used my Rider-Waite deck for that workshop, although I have a whole slew of others I purchased because of the beautiful imagery.

    I'm still LOL at your earlier workshop slut comment--sounds like we're birds of a feather. *g* And I'll get those worksheets right out to you.

    TERESA - Yup, they're FTH workshops. They've got information about them all, including descriptions and registration, at their website.

    By Blogger Lynn, at 1:12 PM  

  • Lynn, the Inner Journeys yahoogroup is small. It has 10 people in it. I tried to get some talking going on, but failed so I left.

    I used to use the Raider-Waite. Then I got the Robin Wood, and afterwards like 3 or 4 other decks. Now my fave is the Gilded Tarot. I bought during the NaNo Writing Challenge, and it wormed its way into the story. *lol*

    Teresa - Oh no! Don't sign up or you'll become a...*gulps* workshop slut too.

    By Blogger Silma, at 3:22 PM  

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