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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Writing Evolution

My original intention had been to post additional entries this week about things I learned at the conference, but the subject of writing evolution came to me earlier today.

I've mentioned that I have a full manuscript written, and others in various stages of completion. My neighbor expressed her desire to read my book. She'd read parts of it in the past, and said she's anxious to read the whole thing. I told her I just had a couple of edits to make to the end, but after that I'd be glad to print her out a copy.

Last night I decided to start rereading the whole story. I could say that I wanted to double-check for pacing, loose threads, etc. I could say that, but I won't. I won't, because the real reason is I was reading . . . "just because".

And that's what brings me to my subject. It amazed, and somewhat horrified, me to see how much my writing has evolved since the beginning of my book. Not that the beginning is bad -- not by any stretch of the imagination. (And for me to say that about my own writing really means something.)

But in reading my first couple of chapters, I saw things that I want to change. Rewrite.

It's somewhat depressing because I'd just been bopping along thinking the thing was ready for my first attempts at submission. Now I'm thinking it's not good enough and needs more work.

Most writers will tell me that there's a time you just need to let go and send your baby out there, and I agree. But it's not time for this one yet.

So, I'll be spending a couple of weeks utilizing what I've learned over my journey so far, including the wealth of information I picked up at the conference, and polishing my baby until it sparkles.


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