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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Meet my partner!

So, I'm trying to get back into the spirit of things. Things being both writing and Christmas. With the writing thing, I'm trying to convince myself I've just hit a little bump, but the road will smooth out eventually.

With the Christmas thing . . . hell, that's hopeless.

Anyway, in my current story, I have a character. In both senses of the word. She's a secondary character named Millie Jericho, and she informed me last night that she wants her own blog.

Okay, that's not entirely true. Two of my CPs informed me they want to see a blog from Millie. Unforutnately, Millie overheard and thought it was a rockin' idea. (Those are her words, BTW.)

I don't feel like Millie's quite ready for her own blog. She's still trying to get this whole computer thing down. So I agreed to allow her to share mine for a while. God help us all.

A little background: Millie's an old lady-- Sorry. Millie says she's a mature woman. Anyway, she's a mature woman who lives in a little town in South Georgia, and -- hell. I'll just let you read her entrance in the story. You'll get a great feeling for Millie that way. Look for Millie's "help" in this blog in the future!

Then old Mrs. Jericho shuffled up on her walker and smiled at Dakota.

“Don’t you worry none ‘bout them idiots,” her leathery voice told Dakota. “Can’t take change. None of them. Me? I like change. Even started wearing them newfangled thong underwears to prove I’m a modern woman. I spend half the day picking ‘em out of my ass, but if you young people can stand it, I can too.”

Chad couldn’t figure out how Dakota managed to hold a straight face——he had to turn away so Mrs. Jericho couldn’t see him. It worked until she grabbed him by the arm.

“Bet she’s a better lay than that cold fish, Chloe,” she said before winking at him and shuffling away.

The moment the old lady was out of earshot, he looked at Dakota and the two of them burst out laughing.


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