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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Final Frontier is back!

For a while, I had a virtual Post-It Note on my desktop reminding me of the release date for Final Frontier's new record, High Tension Wire. And that release date is coming up on Tuesday. So, imagine my surprise when one of my CPs posts that the record has moved from NEH Records' Coming Soon column to their Now Available column. Of course, being a fan of Final Frontier's previous two albums (and we won't even mention my reaction to the video), I popped right on over to NEH and ordered my copy.

Yes, I'd been anticipating this release. I'm not going to review the record here, simply because I'm not a record reviewer. I know what I like, and oftentimes everybody around me knows what I like, but I can't necessarily tell you why I like it. Besides, I depend on Andrew McNeice at Melodicrock.com for my reviews, and he's infinitely more skilled and knowledgeable than I am. Matter of fact, his review of the Japanese release of High Tension Wire whetted my appetite that much more for this record.

So anyway, I ordered the record on Wednesday, and from past experience I know that NEH Records always delivers quickly. I figured it'd be in my mailbox by Friday. Didn't stop me from running out there on Thursday, though. Hey, you never know. On Friday, my husband asked his usual "Anything good in the mail?" question, and laughed when I pouted and said, "Who cares. Final Frontier wasn't there."

Nice to know he still finds me so entertaining.

Then Saturday came. My 5-year-old met the mailman at the box then came flying up the driveway, the mail clutched in his little hands, brown padded envelope at the top of the pile. He gave me what he had, I put the rest aside and tore into the envelope. WOO HOO! It's finally here! Popped that little sucker into my laptop, sat back, and waited for the music to start. Even shushed my husband when he came into the house and asked about the mail.

I can honestly say, I'm not disappointed. There's not a track on this record I'm likely to skip. Andrew McNeice commented that this band is getting better with every release, and I'm inclined to agree. Great hooks, soaring choruses, sigh-worthy ballads--as far as I'm concerned, this record's got it all. (I will say I'm really digging the groove they've got on Who's Gonna Love You Now, and Sunset at Dawn did bring a smile to my face.)

My neighbor (who's 7 years younger than I) has said that I've got one foot firmly planted in the rock of the 80s. Final Frontier's music is often compared to the AOR releases of Journey, Styx and Foreigner of that era. After listening to High Tension Wire, I've decided that if my neighbor's right, it ain't such a bad place to be.

Last time I checked, Final Frontier didn't have clips posted at their site yet, but NEH Records does. If you haven't heard this guys yet, pop over to the NEH website and give them a listen.

(I know this blog is supposed to be about my writing, but I had to get this out of my system. Now that that's done, I'll be posting shortly about yesterday's writing.)


MUSIC: Do you have to ask? High Tension Wire by Final Frontier


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