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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Running on Football Time

...or I Really Need to Carry a Baseball Bat

The kids and I were on the way home from my daughter's Tae Kwon Do lesson yesterday when my husband called me. He told me he had to mix a couple of tracks, so I should bring the kids down to the studio. Said he was going to call "O" and have him bring his kids too.

Because all five of the kids love to play together and keep each other occupied, him telling me "O" is going to bring his kids is actually husband-code for "it's going to be a long night." So after I got home and took care of a couple things, I loaded the kids in the truck, packed Rocky up, and made the forty-five minute drive to meet him, with visions of all the work I'd get done dancing in my head.

When we got there, my husband and "M" were in the shop portion of the building, discussing a giant, scary saw. My kids ran off to their "hang-out" portion of the building, and since I'm not very interested in power tools, I went to the track room and booted Rocky up while I munched my dinner.

As I was going through e-mail, my husband came in and told me the plan for the night had changed. We weren't going to be staying long--O's wife had come home with NHRA tickets, so they were off to the races. Literally.

With this in mind, I nixed the idea of working on BMO--no point and starting on a big project since I'd probably have to stop mid-thought--and instead concentrated on e-mail and the bulletin boards.

About 7:00-ish, while my husband was giving me a walking tour of the planned build-out for the building, a local sound company owner showed up ("R"). Since these sound guys have their own language (my husband included), the conversation became more technical, leaving me lost and bored. I headed back to the track room and got back to what I was working on.

My husband popped his head in the room and told me we'd be leaving in just a few minutes, so I packed Rocky up and, using the desktop computer in the room, continued what I was doing.

Three hours later, my husband and R came in to look something up on the computer. As I sat there tapping my fingernails on the tabletop, my husband asked why I didn't have Rocky out.

"I packed him up three hours ago when you told me we were getting ready to leave. I didn't realize we were back on Football Time," I said.

R looked at me a little oddly, asked what Football Time was. I told him it was like a football game, where ten minutes could take an hour or more. He found that very funny.

We did finally leave after 11. I could have finished up my BMO edits for my RD Bootcamp mentor. I could have done a lot more writing. I could have got so much done.

If only I'd realized we were on Football Time.


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