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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I've been TAGGED!

Oooh! I’ve been tagged by Sheri. Here goes! (This is supposed to be idealistic, right?)

If I could be a scientist...
If I could be a farmer...
If I could be a musician...
If I could be a doctor...
If I could be a painter...
If I could be a gardener...
If I could be a missionary...
If I could be a chef...
If I could be an architect...
If I could be a linguist...
If I could be a psychologist...
If I could be a librarian...
If I could be an athlete...
If I could be a lawyer...
If I could be an innkeeper...
If I could be a professor...
If I could be a writer...
If I could be a backup dancer...
If I could be a llama-rider...
If I could be a bonnie pirate...
If I could be a midget stripper...
If I could be a proctologist...
If I could be a TV-Chat Show host...
If I could be an actor...
If I could be a judge...
If I could be a Jedi...
If I could be a mob boss...
If I could be a backup singer...
If I could be a CEO...
If I could be a movie reviewer....

If I could be a musician I’d travel the world, making people happy with my music. The age of screamers and growlers in music would end as everybody sat back and said, "Huh. Imagine that. A melody." I’d put together a daylong music festival with all my favorite bands, and it would sell out completely. Then all those wonderful melodic bands who struggle in the US but do well elsewhere in the world would have the American record labels banging on their doors, begging them to sign and promising them artistic control of their work. And I'd be able to listen to American radio again without only hitting the classic rock stations.

If I could be a farmer I'd have fields and fields of beautiful, healthy crops. And since fresh veggies always taste better than processed ones, my kids would finally beg to eat vegetables, and my whole family would be much healthier. Of course, I'd have to share excess, not only with my friends and neighbors, but also with those who couldn't afford to buy them. Especially families.

If I could be a painter I'd paint all the beautiful landscapes I love to photograph, and I'd travel the world to find more. I'd experiment with different painting mediums, and enjoy the impact each has in its own way on my work.

If I could be a doctor, I'd want to be a pediatrician with unlimited resources so that I could help the millions of children out there who don't have access to healthcare. I'd be able to ignore the word of the HMOs and dispense the care I think is necessary.

If I could be a scientist I'd come up with a smart magic pill. One that you could take and it would sense and solve all medical problems, yet it couldn't be fooled into solving problems that don't exist. It would help the blind see, eradicate cancer, bring you to healthy weight and cholesterol levels, cure chronic sinus problems, end migraines...you get the idea.

This was kind of fun! And of course, I'll spread the fun. I'm tagging Larissa, Steph T, and Yankeebob. Ladies and Bob, choose five, have fun, then tag somebody else!


  • OK, all I have to do is choose 5? This will be fun! 8)

    By Blogger Yankeebob, at 10:02 AM  

  • I knew you'd enjoy this one. Can't wait to see what you have to say!

    By Blogger Lynn, at 10:30 AM  

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