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Thursday, April 21, 2005

I'm Not Buying Anything

The past couple of days have been good writing days for the BIAW. Three hours Tuesday, 7 hours yesterday. And yesterday, I did my FDi30D scene capsules, did a bunch of research for BMO, and completed my first draft of my IH synopsis overhaul. Sometime later today, I need to type that synopsis into the computer.

Additionally, I've been assigned a mentor through Romance Divas. I need to return my "report card" to her today, which I need to finish filling out with what I see as my strengths and weaknesses, and what I want to get out of the mentor program boot camp. Then I'll be sending her the first three chapters of BMO.

And did I mention that my daughter has a TKD lesson and a soccer game today? Sheesh. Does it ever end?

On top of all that, my poor son was up half of last night coughing. I took him to the doctor today, and it turns out he has bronchitis. That's what they're calling it this time. However, the doctor warned me that if this becomes a repeat problem, the diagnosis will change from bronchitis to asthma. Lovely. So on top of his three separate daily allergy medications, his also taking another three medications plus he needs breathing treatments with a nebulizer (not sure if I spelled that right) every four hours.


While my son and I were at Wal-Mart waiting for his prescriptions to be filled, we wandered around a bit. Of course, I wandered to what is, for me, the most interesting place in the store. The DVD section. As we headed that direction, I repeated a silent mantra: I'm not gonna buy anything. I'm not gonna buy anything.

We hit the DVDs and I started to browse.

I'm not gonna buy anything. I'm not gonna buy anything. Oh, look! "Sideways"! No. I'm not gonna buy anything. I'm not gonna buy anything. Shoot. The first season of "The Pretender" is out. I'll just look at the back. Hm. We did say were were going to buy this one. Okay. I'll get this one. But I'm not gonna buy anything else. I'm not gonna buy anything else. Huh. I've been looking for "Sister Act 2" on DVD. It's not even $9. I'm not gonna buy anything else. I'm not gonna buy anything else.

You get the idea.


MOOD: Exhausted, and it's not even 2:30pm
MUSIC: None. Watching Season 4 of
The West Wing
PROGRESS: 3 hours Tuesday, 7 hours yesterday for BIAW
WHAT I'M READING: Full Bloom by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes


  • Hey Lynn! I'm happy to know you're back writing in full-throttle. Oh, I see you joined the RD Bootcamp. Kewl! Sorry to hear about your son being sick. Seems like it's in the air. I'm sick too. Take it easy. Don't over stressed yourself. Take out that DVD you didn't buy and pop it in the DVDplayer and have fun.

    By Blogger Silma, at 3:22 PM  

  • Thanks, Silma! Yup, joined the bootcamp, and just got my first crit back from Diva Lisa today.

    I know what you mean about sickness being in the air. I was talking to my mail carrier yesterday, and she's going through it with her kids, too. I hope you get to feeling better soon!

    By Blogger Lynn, at 6:18 PM  

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